Inside/Medial Knee Pain

November 25, 2011

Inside/Medial Knee question just came in…, so – It could be bursitis (inflamed bursa at hamstring tendinous insertion point) – possibly caused by Excessive traction of the tendon over the bursa, externally rotated tibial position, which would either be due to anatomical irregularities or related to cleat position. Have you ever had a Pro Bike Fitting or a Physician indicate any leg length discrepancies (one leg longer than the other – very common – even if it’s a millimeter or two)? A good Pro Bike Fitter will catch this. Sometimes Physicians have cause to look here and have identified, sometimes not. All said, do you have shims or wedges under your cycling shoe cleats? Also could be a minor medial meniscus tear. Depending on if this has been a chronic problem, or just surfaced, you probably should see a Sports Med/Ortho Doc to diagnose what’s going on. An MRI will be ultimately needed if they determine the need to see all of the soft tissue issues – that an X-ray will not pick up.

Warm-up and Stretch Before

November 1, 2011

Just had another question on Warm-up and Stretching prior to a training session. Whether running, cycling, swimming, strength training, or other intense training session…etc., a 10min warm-up is usually sufficient. As you ease into warming up the primary movers (or muscles most involved) and cardiovascular system, integrate a few “pickups” or higher intensity intervals of 30sec or so, and then bring it back down to your warm-up pace. I recommend a good stretching session of those muscles after the warm-up and before the vigorous workout.

Good Luck, and train smart!

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