It seems as though I  continue to get requests on this topic; therefore, I will need to keep re-visiting the topic of Recovery & its critical importance to performance – for training, racing, and reaching for those optimal performance goals.  And although I wrote this particular piece for Triathletes, this is applicable to all endurance athletes (i.e. Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers…) as well.

Athletes, if you rarely remember what you’ve read pertaining to your training and race preparation, remember this, RECOVERY IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS TRAINING ITSELF!  Whether we’re a beginner or pro, sprint or ironman distance competitor, many are training 5, 6, 7 days per week, and not just once, but sometimes 2-3 sessions per day.  To be honest, we never fully recover, but the key here is “adequate recovery”.  Depending on the volume and intensity of any particular training session, adequate recovery may be as short as 1-6 hours of rest, to upwards of 36-48 hours.  Adequate recovery may range from a shorter “recovery ride, run, or swim” later in the day or the following day, to literally not training for a day or two.  Again, this depends upon the volume and intensity of the recently completed workout, as well as one’s fitness level, profession, and training and racing years of experience.  By profession, I mean that there’s quite a difference between a low-stress job that has you seated for 8 hours, opposed to a high stress job (i.e. an emergency room nurse) who is on their feet for 24 hours straight.  Coaches and athletes must certainly consider such aspects into the training and recovery balance.  With years of training and racing experience, we learn  much about our body and how it responds to varying levels of training and recovery, so racing experience in terms of years are also very important considerations for coaches and athletes when prescribing/executing training plans.  Without adequate maintenance of your recovery levels, you’ll never achieve your optimal potential, and you may as well peak now, because you sure won’t on race days!  Other recovery aspects such as refueling and hydration are also critical, so stay tuned for future articles on these topics.

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