Overtrained Athlete

If you recently are experiencing decreased performance, increased fatigue, sleep disturbances or inability to remain asleep at night or during naps, sudden persistent and more pronounced muscle soreness, increase injuries (i.e. stress fractures, muscle strains, biomechanical injuries due to inattentiveness…) increased irritability, elevated training and resting heart rate (HR), appetite changes in either direction, feeling of heaviness or lethargy (just feeling exhausted overall), or out of energy – what we used to refer to as being “burned out”, then you have more than likely entered the “downward spiral of the overtrained state” as I like to call it.  At this point you must significantly increase your rest and time off in order to get back to that adequately recovered state.  You must “soul search”, make an honest assessment, and take time off.  Depending upon where you are, this may mean days, or even weeks or months if you’re severely overtrained.  First, take the next 48 hours totally off, and then reassess after this period.  If you’re HRs are still elevated and the overall feelings are still unchanged, then continue with another 48 hours off and reassess.  For most of you, you’ll be feeling like a tiger again in 48 – 72 hours, and be able to pull yourself back into a healthy trained state.  It is most helpful when others (i.e. coaches, training partners, teammates, family members) can assist you with an objective viewpoint, as they may observe cues or stimuli that you may not realize you’re exhibiting.  So if you remember nothing else, remember that considering all of the Optimal Performance Components, RECOVERY IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE TRAINING ITSELF!  So go out and place emphasis on your recovery, because I know you’re going to focus on your training, and if you have learned how your body responds and recovers, then you will progress towards your optimal performance potentials.

Todd Parker is a World-renowned Fitness Industry Leader & Corporate Wellness Speaker,  former Professional Triathlete, Elite Cyclist, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, and Professor with a Masters in Exercise Physiology & Human Performance.  Todd is also an exercise physiologist, certified cycling coach, and endurance sports coach.  You can reach Todd at: TP2Coaching@gmail.com , by appointment only, or at his secure site https://toddparkertrainingprograms.com/ 

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Importance of a Coach

October 4, 2012

Realistically, without a coach to assess, adjust, and guide your form, technique, and training; you’ll often lack the tools to achieve your optimal performance goals.  Take away: Find a Coach today, and improve your performance 10-fold more than that new $2,000 set of wheels!

If you are considering taking your goals, expectations, and performance potential to the next level, then contact me via http://www.toddparkertrainingprograms.com/


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