Here is Byron’s Race Recap. “This weekend Paul and I raced the cat 3 pa state championship criterium. We rolled in with a simple plan, get off the front and win. Being a Marylander Paul was riding in support of me, the Pennsylvanian. We planned to launch some attacks into the headwinds after a few laps. This did not happen, on lap 1 I went with a small acceleration and we had gapped the field. We were quickly reeled back in. On the backside of the course where I had a tailwind and the benefit of a downhill I slowly hit the gas and rode as hard as I could. I then had a size able gap on the field with two riders on my wheel. We began working together but struggled to find a rhythm. I made much longer pulls, the other riders seemed to have a lack of commitment to the move and it lack of fitness to commit. We kept going into the headwind which wore us down pretty badly. Soon the peloton began sucking us backward from our 25 second gap to less than 12. Both riders said they’ve got us let’s sit up. I wasn’t ready to give in, I’d already burned a bunch of energy and knew going back to the field would be the wrong move. I looked over my shoulder and saw three riders trying to bridge from the field. Seeing that two of the kits had substantial team mates in the field I re attacked and stretched the gap out a little more. The riders bridged up successfully bringing along the two original break away members. Our gap was less than ten seconds, but we quickly got organized and kept fighting. Thanks to Paul, Thru IT All and shirks racing they stiffled every chase attempt and the gap grew and grew.

The race was now between six riders all from PA. On the last two laps it was like a match sprint in a velodrome. No one wanted to pull and no one wanted to attack yet. Several attacks were quickly shut down, no one wanted anything to get away after working so hard to get to this point. Once we rounded the final 180turn a thru it all rider attacked up the left side and set everything in motion about 500 meters from the line. Not realizing how early it was I started my sprint at the 250 meter mark into the uphill headwind and sprinted for all I was worth. I got passed by a tri state Velo rider and pipped by thru it all at the line for 3rd.

I’m still very pleased with my result. If I would have timed my sprint a little closer I could have possibly won. But no matter, a medal in the state championship non the less. I’m now only a few points away from my category 2 upgrade.

Thanks to Paul for chasing and disrupting the field for a podium finish. Paul finished 23rd.”

Byron 3rd Place PA State Crit Championships May 2014

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