An Athlete’s Concentration

October 19, 2014

Close up of athlete thinking

To start of with some concentration considerations for your mental training journey:

Associated with concentration, consider allotting time or attending to:

  • identifying Attentional Styles (what you focus on/attend to)

  • tailor strategies towards improving event specific Attentional Focus

  • incorporate pre-season races into pre-season training schedules, then use them as developmental research tools to help identify state anxiety issues, and build strategies to improve relaxation, confidence, and Attentional Focus

  • incorporate mental training time into weekly training/schedules

  • through repetitive actions such as practice and dialog, make mental training a part of a routine “lifestyle change”

  • learn the importance of Negative Thought Stopping (See Key Components Section in Part II of this series) for training, competing, and the stresses of daily life

Stay Tuned for more…