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“Training and Recovery are Cumulative, so remember that every day – even if the day’s Goal is Recovery, you must know what the goals of that training session or day are, and abide by them.”  If your coach or trainer tells you to take the Day Off to adequately Recover, rest, and stay off your legs, then that’s exactly what you must do.  Add in naps, and you’re on track to come out of Winter stronger than ever before.  Regardless of what you may know or see of others out there riding or running…, your Goal for the Day is Recovery (period).  Remember this if you remember nothing else I state here; and that is, “Recovery is Just as Important as Training Itself.”  Until you learn this, you’ll never, and I mean never, reach your Optimal Performance Potential.  After all, isn’t that what we’re aiming for?  Furthermore, you’re never likely to feel fresh and invigorated going into and while performing a workout.  Therefore, if you’re training/exercising 5, 6, or even 7 days a week for close to an hour or more and sometimes 2 or 3-a-days, every session should not be “all out” or “overreaching”.  Yes, there are elite multi-sport athletes that can manage 3-a-days.  To avoid what I call “the downward spiral of the overtrained state”, you cannot overreach consistently day after day.  Decades ago we called that “burn out”.  Regardless of what you want to call it, you have to incorporate easy days at a low intensity effort.  By incorporating recovery sessions, recovery days, and recovery weeks, and days off, you’ll not only avoid overtraining and feel fresher more often, you will also be stronger for it.  It is during those recovery periods that you get stronger – and not while you’re training or exercising at high intensity.  You see, as athletes/exercisers, “we never fully recover”; however, the key is that we “adequately recover”.  This is what you pay your coach or trainer for – to manage your recovery levels as well as your training prescriptions.  For more on training and “The Art and Science of Recovery”, search for other tips and articles I’ve authored, or visit to reach out to me.

Todd Parker is a World-Renowned Fitness Industry Leader & Corporate Wellness Consultant – consulted by Corporations, Governing Bodies, and Sports Supplement, Gear, and Apparel Companies Worldwide.  Todd’s a former Professional Triathlete, Elite Cyclist, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, and Professor with a Masters in Exercise Physiology & Human Performance.  Todd is also an experienced exercise physiologist, professional bike fitter, certified cycling coach, and endurance sports coach.  

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