Meet Coach Parker to learn how he can take your performances to new heights! 

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Todd Parker is a World-Renowned Cycling & Triathlon Coach, Influencer within the Sports & Fitness Industries, and Corporate Wellness Consultant – consulted by Coaches, Athletes, Corporations, Governing Bodies, and Sports Supplement, Gear, and Apparel Companies Worldwide.  Todd is one of the most sought after Coaches, Trainers, and Authors to train with, test products, and to have guest lecture or author within the United States and Europe!   

We athletes (at every level) have taken on the challenge to set and pursue goals that elevate our self-awareness and test ourselves to limits we previously thought were unimaginable. We use our brains and our feet to head down the difficult road called uncertainty, the road that parallels the road of dreams. So make a conscience decision today to dream big and pursue those dreams with every ounce of energy you have! Coach Todd Parker, M.A., M.S.”

More about Todd: 

Todd is former Professional Triathlete, Elite Cyclist, Cycling & Triathlon Coach, Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Exercise Physiologist, Author, Public Speaker, Guest Lecturer, with a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology & Human Performance.  Unlike most coaches in the endurance sports field, Todd has raced competitively in all sports – Swimming, Cycling, Running, and Triathlon, whereas many colleagues may have competed in perhaps one or two sports.  This level of training and racing experience, coupled with a Masters Degree and numerous national and international certifications, places him at an unparalleled level of expertise in all of the factors of training, nutrition, fueling, hydrating, and maintaining electrolyte balances in endurance competitions ranging from 30 minutes to 24+ hours. Most of his coaching experience has been with cyclists, rowers, runners, swimmers, triathletes, and team sports.  Known for his vast subject matter expertise, coupled with his racing experience as a former professional triathlete, he has much to offer clients of all ages and ability levels.  He has authored articles for numerous regional, national, and international publications, developed “first timer” training programs for triathlon race directors, and was asked to appear on the cover of Bicycling Magazine featuring the 2008 Tour de France Winning Cervelo R3-SL.  Todd has also been at the forefront of personal testing and product development for some of the nation’s top endurance sports products industry leaders, and trained at U.S. Olympic and National Training Centers.

Within his first 8 months in business, TP2 – Todd Parker Training Programs was voted 2010 Best of the Main Line for Best Cycling Classes for Cyclists & Triathletes.  The company’s primary focus places emphasis on providing World-Class Coaching & Personal Training, and teaching Advanced Performance Cycling Classes.  Todd’s broad range of expertise, personal touch, and advice is sought by coaches, athletes, and companies world-wide – covering every facet within the endurance sports arena – from beginner to professional athlete.

As for personal training and coaching philosophies, he believes in a “holistic” approach, in that optimal results/performances are not obtained merely through physical training methodologies.  Todd has both the experience and conducted research in addressing the mental aspects of exercise and sport such as coping with competitive anxiety, negative thought stopping, and using imagery to visualize more successful performances.  Other critical components he assesses and attends to are the individual’s needs in terms of developing power and speed (critical components endurance athletes traditionally ignore), running biomechanics, strength training, stretching and flexibility, recovery, hydration and fueling rates for multi-hour endurance events, nutrition, and supplementation of key vitamins, minerals, and the electrolytes critical to sustaining long-term muscular contraction and cramp prevention.

Todd is also a member and guest author of the American College of Sports Medicine and countless national and international publications.  Besides his Masters in Exercise Physiology & Human Performance, he also holds a Masters in Business Management, Bachelors and Associate Degrees, as well as certifications as a USA Cycling Coach, Endurance Sports Coach, Personal Trainer, and Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

Palmarès, Todd Parker (all results are Overall)

2018, Gran Fondo World Championships – after being in podium position, a major mechanical caused a DNF – my first in 40 years of competing.  The neutral service vehicle couldn’t get to me soon enough to bridge the enormous gap, but hey, that’s racing!

2017, Gran Fondo World Championships – 35th

2017, Death Valley Race – 1st Overall

2016, Covered Bridges Race – 1st Overall

2015, Philly to Atlantic City 100 – 1st Overall

2014, Chesapeake 100 – 1st Overall

2013, Gran Fondo National Championship – 4th (flat tire and 16+ miles solo included; hey, but that’s racing!)

2013, West Chester Challenge – 1st Overall 

2012, The Ultimate One Day Race – The Total 200, 200-miler -3rd Overall

2011, Broke the Historical Pennsylvania Crossing Record – 410 Miles, 35,000+ feet of climbing in 25 hours.   

2009, Turkey Hill Classic Road Race – 10th 

2004, San Ardo Road Race – 7th

2002, A Day at the Beach Triathlon Series – Hermosa Beach – 4th

2002, Carpinteria Triathlon – 5th

2002, Temecula Triathlon – 8th 

2001, A Day at the Beach Triathlon Series – Hermosa Beach – 9th

2001, Carpinteria Triathlon – 2nd

2001, A Day at the Beach Triathlon Series – Huntington Beach – 6th

2000, A Day at the Beach Triathlon Series – Huntington Beach, 12th –2000, Imperial Beach Triathlon – 9th

2000, A Day at the Beach Triathlon Series – Hermosa Beach – 5th

2000, Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon – 5th

1999, Dewey Beach Triathlon – 5th

1999, Lancaster Triathlon – 2nd

1999, Falmouth Triathlon – 1st (broke sprint course record by over 1 minute)

1998, USAT National Championships – 5th