TP² provides professional coaching and personal training services for the Beginner to Professional Athlete.  Don’t settle for mediocre performances any longer, and make your next performance optimal, by having TP² help you reach your goals and true potential!  We athletes (at every level) have taken on the challenge to set and pursue goals that elevate our self-awareness and test ourselves to limits we previously thought were unimaginable. We use our brains and our feet to head down the difficult road called uncertainty, the road that parallels the road of dreams. So make a conscience decision today to dream big and pursue those dreams with every ounce of energy you have! Coach Todd Parker, M.A., M.S.

Todd Parker and TP2 are proud sponsors of all Team USA Teams for both Summer & Winter Olympics.   



Professional Coaching, Personal Training, Beginner One-on-One Sessions, and Corporate Wellness Consulting Services tailored to meet the goals and fitness needs of any type, age, or ability level of athlete, client, team, or organization.  There are no limitations to who we can help. Whether you’re new to exercise (age 5 – 95+ years of age), previously sedentary, or in excellent physical condition, we can help you achieve your goals!

As for athletics, we can train any athlete (rowing, squash, tennis, golf, football, baseball, – you name a power sport, strength sport, endurance sport… and we can train them); however, our primary focus is on endurance athletes such as Triathletes, Cyclists, Runners, Rowers, and Swimmers.  Some examples of services offered are; personalized in-person (one-on-one or organizational) and on-line daily training plans and (local) sessions, biomechanical assessments of Swimming, Cycling, and Running form and technique, professional bike fits, personally tailored strength training, cardiovascular fitness, organizational health & wellness services, and indoor functional lactate threshold tests.

All coaching and personal training services are available and encouraged for all ages and ability levels.  To date, we’ve worked with cardiac rehab patients, clients with severe limitations, and ages from 5 to age 95.  For more information on all comprehensive programs and offerings, please contact us directly to find out what TP2 can do for you. Your quality of life is important, and we can improve it, so don’t hesitate – call today!

[I also have the experience and training to be a Corporate/Governmental Agency Security Director/Manager. Specifically I have expertise in developing situational awareness, coordinating, evaluating, mitigating, and avoiding threats, risk, and fraud, through proactive measures, intelligence gathering, and safety/security training program development covering entire organizations, key personnel, information, and infrastructure.]


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[And FYI, this gentleman approached me 1 month prior to the 677-mile event.]

“I have known Todd for many years, and have used him as a personal coach on 2 occasions: training to bike up Mount Washington and more recently, training to bike from Boston to DC. Todd created a personalized training program which was challenging, but helped me to be prepared to meet my goals. Todd blends the perspective of a professional athlete, an experienced coach, and an academic approach to fitness. He provides advice on many aspects of preparation: mental preparation, eating, drinking, stretching, resistance, and core, in addition to specific exercises and training geared towards the event. Prior to biking 677 miles in a week from Boston to DC, the furthest I had biked was 192 miles in 2 days. I was a bit nervous about this jump in mileage, but I felt that I had properly prepared during my training with Todd. Not only did I finish the ride of a lifetime, but I enjoyed it, and I actually felt that I got stronger as the ride progressed. I highly recommend Todd as a personal trainer/coach to athletes of all levels, from beginners to professionals.”  Jonathan


“Todd, has been a great asset to my training. He has expertly fitted my road bike, making my riding experience more enjoyable and productive. When it comes to weight training and changing up the workout, Todd never ceases to amaze with the exercises routine he creates for you. Todd is a tremendous inspirational trainer. He motivates his clients and is innovative in his approach, tailoring the workout to your fitness level and needs.  His knowledge of weightlifting and bicycling is extensive. His understanding of injuries and recovery is based in years of training and experience. Bottom line – if you have a goal and want to reach it, Todd is the one to have on your team. Besides being an unbelievable trainer he is also a terrific person.”  – L.M.


“Todd Parker has been my personal trainer for four + years. He is the consummate professional. He met me where I was in my evolutionary process and has guided me toward my fitness goal. He has a firm, but gentlemanly manner that inspires me to achieve my best each strength training session. He has helped me push through both physical and mental barriers to achieve the strength conditioning that will keep me healthy and strong as time moves forward.” – Karen


“I am a Pro Level Triathlete, and after purchasing a new state-of-the-art racing bike, I had a Professional Bike Fitting in another State.  This turned out to be a nightmare, not only a huge waste of my time and money, but I was experiencing constant low back pain and foot numbness not long into a ride.  I contacted Todd Parker to discuss if he could alleviate my (now chronic) back pain and get me comfortable on my new bike.  Without hesitation, Todd said he could help me.  After setting up my bike on a trainer in my home, it wasn’t long until Todd identified the several root causes to my dilemma. Over the next hour or so I already was pedaling without back strain, foot numbness, and was not only comfortable on the bike, but now producing more power output with each pedal stroke.  If you’re thinking of purchasing a new bike, or needing a retro-fit on an old bike, without hesitation, contact Todd.  Todd Parker is meticulous, experienced in racing at the top levels of all endurance sports, can immediately assess poor positioning and inefficiencies that translate into more comfort and power output from your bike.  I highly recommend him to all levels and genders of cyclists, duathletes, and triathletes.  He’s the Best in the Business of Pro Bike Fitting, Coaching, Personal Training, and anything Endurance Sports!

– Danielle  

In 5 months, Todd coached and trained me – a beginner 70 year-old Triathlete to finish my first Ironman Triathlon in 15 ½ hours, with energy left over, almost an hour and a half faster than my goal, and earned a 45th in the World and Top 20 U.S. Ranking!  If you’re looking for the Best, yet surprisingly not the most expensive, Todd’s the Best in the Business, and remember, you get what you pay for!

– Dan

Coach Todd Parker is a fantastic coach. Todd coached me for my first bike race at 60 years of age. His knowledge, support, and availability assured for me a ride am very proud of.  I went into the race feeling confident and strong and I exceeded my goals for distance and speed!

– Gloria

“You always hear about finding that “perfect coaching relationship” that fits just right but never thought I’d find a coach to fit the bill. Glad I’ve found the right one!”

– Justin

“Todd is a terrific coach and personal trainer. He combines first hand knowledge of biking from his experience as a professional triathlete with technical knowledge acquired from a Master’s in Exercise Physiology. Todd has an easy going manner, but pushes his clients to perform. He has a comprehensive approach to bike fitness, including diet, stretching, hydration, breathing, rest, mental/emotional aspects of biking, interval training, weights, and various prescribed training rides. His APC bike spin class incorporates your own bike attached to an indoor trainer with a power meter and a cadence monitor. With this set-up, and with knowledge of one’s power output at lactate threshold, Todd can order up a variety of challenging work-outs. With Todd’s coaching, I was able to achieve my personal goal of biking up Mount Washington, NH. I highly recommend Todd to all individuals, from beginners to professionals, who are looking to improve their fitness.”

Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert, Personable

–  Jonathan

“Over the past year I began taking Todd’s amazing cycling classes on a weekly basis. Todd is all about results and he certainly delivers on those promises. His resume speaks for itself as he is unbelievably knowledgeable as a trainer and educator in the fitness arena. He is personable and knows how to get the absolute maximum out of each and every person he works with. My personal results have been off the charts and I strongly recommend anyone looking for results no matter what the training may be, give Todd Parker Training a shot and you will be hooked!

Thanks Todd. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.”
–  Scott

“Thank you for the terrific information you have been providing us during the session. In just two sessions you have changed forever how I ride my bike. You can expect to see me most Thursday’s for the foreseeable future.”
 –  John

“Todd, thanks for this class. You’ve taught me more in 2 sessions than others have in years of classes. My riding has changed, and I’m already a smarter and more powerful rider!”
–  Doug

“I can’t say enough good things about Todd! I learned so much in just that one session, I can’t believe it. Thank you SO much for setting up our Team session with him Brian. Can’t wait to do it again!!”
 –  Victoria

“That class is like nothing else! I’m hooked and can’t thank you enough for showing me how little bike power I really generate. Even though I live in New Jersey, I’m thinking every other Thursday – Thanks again!”
–  Anonymous

“Thanks Todd. I will see you on Thursday of next week. Enjoyed your class; perfect for me who wants to take cycling to the next level.”
–  Dianne

“I watch the Personal Trainers – Todd is the Best – patient, kind, knowledgeable. I have my own business, and this is a priceless value!”
–  Patti Anne

“After the first session, I did have soreness, but it was also the loosest and best I have felt in a long time. Thank you!”
–  Bunny

“Thanks Todd – It was a very productive session yesterday. Can’t tell you how much it helps me to have your guidance. On my own, I would experiment with different variables in the pool but would really never know if what I was doing was effective or even the right thing.”
–  Evelyn

“Thanks for the bike fit Todd.  I was unable to cycle, but now you have re-opened a door to something that was very, very special to me for a long time. Here’s to healthy, comfortable riding experiences for many years to come!”       –  Bev

“I really appreciate all of your support. It is always so much fun to ride with you, which makes the learning curve so much easier!”           –  Lauren

“I recently completed Ironman Lake Placid and received an award for 4th place in my age group, 70 – 74.  I would not have been able to accomplish this huge undertaking without the help of Todd Parker.  As a 70 year old, the challenges of completing an Ironman required special skills, knowledge and expertise.  Todd Parker was more than up to the task.  He had me trained right to the peak of my ability.  The day of the event, I executed as we had planned and finished 1 hour and 10 minutes earlier than I expected!”  Thank you Todd!       – Dan