You’re certainly not alone.  We’ve all at one point or another go through what I refer to as a “training funk”, roughly translated – you’re not motivated to reassemble your bike, fix that flat, or just go out and ride, run, hike, swim, or hit the gym… – that’s a problem!  Who doesn’t like to ride or just get outside and move?  Nobody, that’s who.  In fact, I just relocated from the Greater Philadelphia Area to the Greater Sacramento Area and went through this recently.  Just remember, stress is cumulative, and the best way to lighten the load is to get out and ride, period!  The one exception to that is if you’re currently in an “overtrained state”.  This can be not only unhealthy, but extreme cases life altering, life threatening…, and not something to ignore.  Best advice, contact your coach or a coach and be totally honest with yourself and him or her.  They can guide you to better health, sleep, and motivation to train.  That’s a separate article, and if you haven’t read it, go to

You’ll be happier you did, sleep better at night, and (in some cases – me) drop those pounds that may have accumulated…etc.  Driving all day for over a week in a 26′ Moving Truck was my “excuse” to eat everything in sight!  So, get off your tail, shake off the cobwebs, and make a positive transition back to your cycling and exercise routines – everyone around you benefits as well!  Best of Luck, and Please contribute your comments here, or in our Facebook Endurance Sports Group

– Coach Parker, M.A., M.S.

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